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International promoters for Marketing and Organizing Exhibitions(IPCO) has the honor to Invite you to participate in the fifth edition of the(International JORDANFOOD Exhibition 2019 IJFEwhichwill be held from 15 - 19July2019. It will be the largest international food exhibition in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, to continue the success for its first, second, third and fourth successfuleditions.(IJFE)is one of the best exhibitions in the Kingdom of Jordan in terms of the organization and the expansion of participating companies. This exhibition considered as a great event in the food field. Also, has a great impression from its visitors and participantsthat made this economicsuccessful event as it is now. We are looking forward to have a special and a great fifthInternational JORDAN FOOD Exhibition through the international participation in this year.
Hoping, all the invited companies and industries willbe participated.

New markets are created as speed as old marketsare disappeared. Supply routes may become as unsteady as customer tastes and sector trends. At this time, Jordan Food provides you with the platform you want to understand what is going on in this sector. It allows you to feel the development of the markets and keeps you up to datewith it to look at possible changes and developments in the markets and suppliers you deal with. All that requires you to make important decisions, making the right decision based on information derived from the best food sources at the largest international food exhibition in Jordan.
Jordan Food is the best source of success for your business.
Plan and prepare! To appear at the Jordan Food that expected to have more than 10,000 brands this year 2019.
Do not miss this opportunity by participating and visiting the fourth International Jordan Food Exhibition in its new format.

Investment opportunities, by looking at partnerships between manufacturers and importers.It is the perfect place to see your market developments before your competitors!
Food, Food services, hospitality, retail, food outsourcing contracts, the field is available to connect with leading suppliers and explore the best opportunities in each sector during the Jordan Food Fair.
The best products, the best suppliers, the best prices, where the participation of a large number of companies in this sector is expected to represent more than one country.
Effectiveness of Traders
Jordan Food is one of the most important commercial events on the food agenda in the food sector, where all types of goods are sold from all categories of businesses. Meat, dairy, fresh, dried and processed products. Coffee, retail and wholesale.... all will be represented.
Take an in advance idea in food, hospitality and packaging industries.As the largest number of all new products and services are revealed in the history of this event! Could you expect what will be the latest developments?…Do not forget to be NUMBER ONEinintroducing the latest products and services in the market.
Great deals and suppliers providing competitive services, Jordan Food is a right place to provide you with useful and inspiring ideas to grow up your business.

About (IJFE): 
International Jordan Food Exhibition (IJFE) will promote and help to achieve the standards of the food industry and the food sector according to the required Jordanian standards.For the International food retailers and traders, as well as food processors, suppliers, food technology companies and food and drinks service companies. Jordan International Food Exhibition (IJFE) will be excellent to support their labor market and a good opportunity to open new horizons for the invasion of emerging markets in Jordan.
- Executive managers for food companies and food and drinks manufacturers.
- Purchasing managers from supermarkets, grocery stores, supermarkets, wholesale, retail stores,hotels and Hospitals.
-Importers of food, drink, distributors and wholesalers.
- Representatives of airlines, flights and public transport.
- Food service and hospitality companies.- Professionals, consultants, government institutions, trade unions and free zones.
-Distributors.- Event organizing companies, hospitality and food services

Sponsorship Categories& Limitation

Diamond Sponsor 30000 $1sponsor
Platinum Sponsor 25,000 $2sponsors
Golden Sponsor 20000 $ 2sponsors
Silver Sponsor 10,000 $5sponsors

Features of Sponsorship
Diamond Sponsor
:60m²free, prominent advertising and media visibility on all parties of the advertising campaign, prominently in culinary show,Front outer cover page of Jordan Food Catalogue + Two full pages,  middle –front location (Next to Main Entrance).
Platinum Sponsor:36m² free - Prominent advertising and Media visibility at all parties of the advertising campaign, prominently in culinary show, back cover page of Jordan Food Catalogue + full page, a flyer in each Tote bag – Priority booking on front locations.
Golden Sponsor: 18m² free - logo placement in all parties of the advertising,Inside of the front cover page + half page in Jordan Food Catalogue, banners and flyers- Priority booking on Specialplaces.  
Silver Sponsor: 9m² free- logo placement in all parties of the advertising, banners and flyers and a full page in Jordan Food Catalogue.

Sponsorship Catalogue
Front cover page (1500) $ -Back cover page (1200) $
Inside of the frontcover page (850)$ - Inside of the back cover page (600)$
Any internal page (300) $ - Half page (150) $
Tote Bags sponsorship - One side (2000) $

350$ (Per Square Meter)
Service rood, Airport rood,
Besidethe waterpark (Amman Waves)
15 - 19JULY2019
4:00 pm -11:00 pm
Suite facilities:
White wood  sheets 100 cm - aluminum frame 240 cm * 100 cm - Three Spotlights - Electrical connection - One Table / Two Chairs–One Trash Can - Carpet–One Sign for each (Company Name) (Arabic or English).

Why Should I participate in this exhibition?!

1.Enhance your brand internationally.
2.Establish a network of business relationships with the most important distributors, retailers and buyers for food field.
3.Getting international opportunities for food exchange and expertise.
4.Identifying new trends and developments within food, drinks and component industry.
5.Create awareness about the latest products, technology and services in this field.
6.Create opportunities and encourage the culture to increase business locally.

Products you will see

  • Meat and poultry
  • Fish and seafood
  • Dairy products
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Bread, pastries and cereal 
  • chocolate and desserts
  • drinks and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Herbs , legumes and sauces
  • Spices 
  • Detergents and cleaning tools related to food and drink
  • Clothing and accessories related to food and drink.
  • Plastic products for daily domestic use
  • Refrigerated and frozen food
  • Babies and infant nutrition
  • Grocery Products
  • Organic products and healthy food
  • Canned and preserved food 
  • Cooking oils and fats
  • Rice and Macaroni
  • Dried food
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Office tools related to food and drink


Participating companies and exhibitors:

  • Commercial Agencies.
  • Manufacturers, Importers and Suppliers
  • Canned Food Manufacturers
  • Halal Food Dealers
  • Organic food traders
  • Dealers of fresh daily products
  • Refrigerated food traders and frozen foods
  • Fish and seafood traders
  • Traders of fruits, vegetables and groceries
  • Traders of oils, fats and sauces
  • Nutrient producers, food ingredients and dietary supplements.
  • Producers of dietary fiber materials
  • Approved Food Agents
  • Dairy Manufacturers
  • Bakeries and desserts manufacturers
  • Factories production lines and packaging lines.




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